Business creation

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  • Meeting with expert lawyer

    Meeting with expert lawyer

    GBP129 excluding VAT
    • Verification and processing of the file by an expert lawyer;
    • A 30-minute meeting with a lawyer, expert in business creation;
    • Answers to your questions about the legal, social and tax status of your project, to empower you to get started;
    • Review of available financial grants;
    • Support by email and telephone;
    • Advice coming from the experience of thousands of entrepreneurs;
    • Expert lawyers at your service, and
    • Assistance in choosing the corporate structure of your future business.
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  • Protect your creations

    Protect your creations

    GBP69 excluding VAT + administrative costs (GBP15 for 10 MB, then GBP10 for an additional 10 MB, for the ‟e-Soleau” service with INPI)
    • Verification and processing of the file by a lawyer;
    • Proof of anteriority of your creation/know-how (‟e-Soleau” enveloppe with INPI);
    • Detailed explanatory notice (in the event of a dispute, this notice may be used by the judge or appointed expert);
    • Support by email and telephone;
    • Processing of the file, and generation of the express proof, in 48 hours (timeframe from receipt of the complete file, once it is confirmed compliant by your lawyer);
    • Secure and confidential storage of your document (Crefovi and INPI keep your file to be protected indefinitely, so that you can access it later when necessary), and
    • Crefovi assistance offered for 30 days (then GBP129 excl. VAT/month).
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Showing all 2 results