University of Massachusetts v L’Oréal: a patent infringement claim turns into a disaster for global cosmetics behemoth

University of Massachusetts v L'Oréal

This 20 year old legal saga turns into a public relations and legal nightmare for the L’Oréal group, which karma is decidedly being tarnished by its bullying, deceptive and ongoing strategies to illegally lift patented technologies licensed to someone else, and to then convince a first degree judge that the lawful licensee’s ensuing legal claims should be dismissed on futile procedural grounds. No matter how eccentric or weak the licensee may have appeared to L’Oréal, the cosmetics giant should have resisted these vain attempts to muddy the waters with respect to its actual liability in infringing those patents, and should now brace itself to foot the (heavy) bill which is now no doubt lurking.

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