Business breakfast on fashion finance law on Tuesday 30 July 2013

fashion finance law

We had a great time, on Tuesday 30 July 2013, during the business breakfast during which we presented our proprietary research on fashion finance.

During our presentation on fashion finance law, the audience was really paying attention and asking incisive questions on the tools and tips to get funding!

Please find below our video and slides of the seminar, as well as some information on the content of this cutting-edge presentation on fashion financing.

You will need initial funding to create your first, second or even third collection and set up your fashion business. While family & friends, grants and loans can be a source of financing, don’t underestimate the value of intellectual property (‟IP”) in the context of obtaining funding for your fashion business.

During this B@B, we covered:

  • tools and tips to get funding;
  • the different financing sources available to you;
  • your business plan – key considerations;
  • attracting third party financial investment – and the important role of IP;
  • key clauses in partnerships or equity finance agreements, and
  • next steps after you secured funding.

The speaker is Annabelle Gauberti, founding and managing partner of London fashion law firm Crefovi, an expert in fashion finance law.

She has more than 10 years of experience practising the law of luxury and fashion law, both in the UK and France. Annabelle advises fashion houses, financiers, security providers, on various aspects of fashion finance law.

Her clients base includes fashion houses, designers & models, artists, film production companies.

She is steeped in finance & corporate law, and has been involved in many matters, either contentious or non-contentious, relating to intellectual property, trademark litigation, selective distribution, franchising, tax & internet law.  

Annabelle has more than ten years of experience practising fashion law, also known in France as “droit du luxe” (law of luxury goods) and she has written numerous publications about it.

This video was created with the efficient and proactive contribution of the London Film Academy. Thank you LFA!

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