Crefovi spoke at sync licence masterclass at Midem 2015

sync license masterclass

Annabelle Gauberti, founding and managing partner of London music law firm Crefovi, co-presented a sync licence masterclass at Midem 2015, which can be viewed here! 

Based in Cannes, MIDEM is THE music trade show of the year, where writers, composers and performers, as well as collecting societies, tech companies, majors, independent record labels, publishers … and music lawyers congregate, mingle, network, do deals and chillax!

London music law firm Crefovi is a regular at MIDEM and attends each year. London music law firm Crefovi spoke at a sync licence masterclass at Midem 2015.

Annabelle Gauberti, founding and managing partner of London music law firm Crefovi, co-presented a sync licence masterclass, with co-presenters Tom Foster, Head of Film & TV Licensing, Universal Music Publishing, and Bernard Resnick as well as Massimo Travestino, two fellow members of IAEL.

While MIDEM 2015 took place between 5 and 8 June 2015, the masterclass was presented on Saturday 6 June, at 12.00pm, in the Training Room, Palais – 1.

The business of sync – placing music within ads, films, TV and games – is a hugely important business for labels, artists, brands and the creators of those other media. In this session, expert speakers guided participants through the main legal and commercial factors when negotiating a sync licence deal. 

Annabelle Gauberti, founding and managing partner of Crefovi, was part of the panel discussion at the sync licence masterclass, talking about how songwriters, publishers and performers can get paid in the sync market in case their music gets copied and plagiarised, without any sync licence in place. We have long seen MIDEM as one of the key international events on the music industry calendar so it’s a real privilege to be invited to speak at this Cannes conference.

As well as talks, discussions, workshops and ample networking opportunities, MIDEM also has an interesting line-up of artists taking part in the nighttime showcases. With a diverse mix of genres we are particularly looking forward to catching Ibrahim Maalouf, who headlines the first day’s showcase.

If this all sounds like too good an opportunity to miss, you can book your ticket and see the full agenda for MIDEM (5-8 June 15), on MIDEM’s website.

One of the USPs of MIDEM events is the focus on creating a real dialogue between attendees and speakers, so if you happen to attend the discussion Annabelle is participating in, please don’t hesitate to ask her a question! You can also catch her afterwards if you have anything specific you would like to discuss. See you there!

MIDEM 2015 masterclass on sync licences – 21 June 2015

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