Counterfeiting, an ancestral art! | Le Capital Special supplement

Before being a victim of counterfeiters, France has for a long time been the specialist of copying products … from China! Le Capital journalist, Frédéric Brillet, interviews and quotes our Annabelle Gauberti about the counterfeiting business now and then. Counterfeiting an ancestral art!


Counterfeiting an ancestral art, Capital Dossier spécial Décembre 2014 Luxe, La contrefaçon un art ancestral, crefovi, le capital, dossier spécial, ialci, counterfeitingRead this article on the exponential growth of the counterfeiting business, in the fashion and luxury sectors. This article was published in the special supplement on luxury, published by Le Capital every December. 

Annabelle Gauberti, founding partner at London luxury law firm Crefovi and president of ialci was interviewed for this article and quoted in it.

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